Attention Coaches, Course Creators + Personal Brands! 

Want To Look Professional, And Build a Brand You Love, Without Spending $10k?!

   No design or marketing skills needed!

   Video Lessons to teach you everything you need to know

   Exclusive Workbook pdfs for in-depth learning and insights

   Detailed Canva Tutorials to unleash your creativity

   Templates to make the process easier

   Exclusive Facebook Page for Q&A and support

   Members area for easy access to content

  Tangible results with each step of the journey

Wouldn't it be a dream come true if...

It didn't cost $1000s to develop a great brand

Even better if it didn't require a design degree!

Was a simple process that even non-designers could follow

In 7 weeks you have a brand that gets fast online visibility!

Big Problem Though...


You're not a graphic designer. You don't know where to start even if you wanted to. And branding seems too complicated to DIY.


You're not ready to spend $1000s of dollars hiring a graphic designer or you may have done that already but the results aren't to your liking.


You're tired of wasting your time trying to DIY with disappointing results besides your time is better spent in other areas of your business.


“I know what my brand stands for and how I want people to see it but it's just so HARD to translate this into colors, fonts and images.”
“I’m not sure I can design my brand. I’d struggle doing it myself. Besides I don’t want to waste my time and money on a botched DIY attempt.”
“I don’t really need to rebrand. I love SOME of my branding but think I would like to update and refine it
“I want to work out who my audience really is and THEN how to position myself to attract them."
“I’m losing sales. I WAS doing well earlier this year and now everything's going the wrong way! I don’t know what to do. Selling is so hard! I think the market's saturated.”


Branding Isn’t Rocket Science But It Needs Careful Thought And Work!

You can Save Your Time and Money While You Get A Brand That's Uniquely Yours...

Branding isn't rocket science but it needs careful thought and work

Branding Isn’t Just About The Logo, Fonts And Colours…

Don't Confuse Brand Identity With Branding!


Video Lessons & Workbooks to keep you on track 

Questions to help you figure out ‘complicated’ stuff

Tutorials to teach the process step-by-step

Canva Templates to make it easier

 Completely Customizable

Brand Persona

Ideal Customer Avatar

Brand Vision


Brand Visuals

Style Guides



Your Brand Persona:
Never again doubt your brand positioning nor your brand personality so that your tone, voice and point of view shine through your content. 

Your Ideal Customer Avatar:
No more guessing your audience - cohesive, clear and consistent brand starts here.

Your Brand Vision:
Know your vision to set the right goals moving forward so that they align with your ideal future.

Your Brand Positioning:
Know how to stand out in a saturated market and/or differentiate from your competitors to shine online.

Your Brand Visuals:
Know what goes with your brand and the types of visuals you can create to up your digital game.

Your Brand Style Guides:
No more guessing - look professional and confident with this industry standard -  you'll finally have a brand that looks phenomenal and you’ll love to show off.




Brand Mood Board Template - to get started

Professional Logo Template for Websites

Favicon Templates for Browser Tabs


It all starts with a single click…

Listen up! Branding Bootcamp was created with you in mind, so that you can stay focused on the parts of your business that you’re great at! 

But I'm not good at this whole branding thing...

Nadda Adamjee

I’m Nadda Adamjee, a marketing strategist for creatives. Brand design is my love and I’ve been creating brand identities for hundreds of businesses like yours for almost 30 years as a freelancer. My ‘real job’ however was a fashion designer with my own brand of clothing, sold online and in stores in Canada, Pakistan, UK and UAE. I’ve been selling online since 2002 and this Branding Bootcamp is my way of giving back to other women entrepreneurs so that it’s easier for them to shine in a competitive digital world.

Ready to build a unique brand that shows the world who you are?

Branding Bootcamp Shows You How 

It doesn’t matter who you are, how new your business is, or where you want to get to in life, to make it happen you need a brand that speaks for you. The only problem is knowing how to pull it all together…


I’m not going to lie to you, it won’t happen instantly. But it will happen when you invest your time, redirect your energy and focus on what you want your business to look like at the end of it all. 

2 Payment Options To Choose From:

Pay in full for 5 extra bonuses!

I know how it feels, I've been there too...

When I was a fashion designer with my personal brand I also thought my logo was all I needed for great branding. I thought as long as the logo was placed everywhere I was doing a great job because it would lead to recognition. And to be clear, I was doing very well and often got compliments on my consistent branding. For that time (2008-2015) it was great, but if you want to shine online right now in 2020 and beyond, that old strategy is worthless. 



As a creative, I also know when you’re embarrassed that your brand doesn’t reflect your essence or your personality and you feel judged. I know it feels like you’re letting yourself down. I also know when you think “done is better than perfect” and I’m here to tell you it may be true but don’t under value yourself...let’s fix it so you love your brand!


In this competitive online world you need clarity of message, your voice, your point of view and who you’re talking to or you’ll get lost in the noise! You’re a brand. This is the time for Personal Brands to own it, live it, show it. 


I’ll show you how if you trust me to take you on this transformational journey. 

I created Branding Bootcamp to give you tangible results. You don’t need a graphic designer for this... 
BUT you still have to do the work to get the results. 

Branding Bootcamp is branding "must-knows" for 2020 - to stand out from the noise and show your gift to the world.


I know you’re thinking that you don’t have the time, or the money, or the resources to make this happen. But the truth is that it’s this mindset that’s holding you back.

Just picture what you want your business to look like 3-6 months from now and then act with intention to bridge that gap.

Not sure how to get across to the other side?
If you want your brand to shine online and standout from the crowd in a competitive market, you must develop a brand that knows how to position itself and show up consistently.  I can help you get there! Join me inside so I can show you how...

Spread your payments over 4 months just $97!

4 monthly payments to make it easier for you to say YES! 


Branding Bootcamp shows you how to:

Connect With Your Ideal Customer in ways that will instantly grow your business


 Build a Powerful Brand Persona that allows you to find your voice amongst the noise


 Create a Brand Identity that sets you and your business free like never before


Gain Clarity through unique insights into every aspect of professional and personal branding

Branding Or Rebranding? 
Your Goals Determine The Outcome. Whatever your goals...I'll help you get them! 


2 Payment Options To Choose From:

Pay in full for 5 extra bonuses!